pendant lighting in bathroom tips

Bathroom Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Bathroom pendant lightingis many people’s choice for illumination in their important room. Different from ordinary ceiling lamp, pendant lighting is suspended from ceiling, usually through a long, slim part of the lamp itself. Bathroom pendant lighting gives, not only a different view of light emission, but also a unique beautiful shapes of the lamp itself. The lamp cover design is attracting more attention, sometimes over the lamp function as light […]

white bathroom cabinets and vanities

White Bathroom Vanities at Markets

White bathroom vanitiesare the most famous from any other bathroom vanities because most bathrooms in any houses have white or something light as their main colors, so white bathroom vanities become one of the most wanted items if we are talking about bathroom vanities. Bathroom vanities are important if you want something elegant yet classy, or you want to put your bathing equipments such as tooth paste, tooth brush, towels, […]

modern mirrors bathroom

Modern Bathroom Mirrors: Models and Lights

Lately, many bathrooms in almost every neighborhood have mirrors in their bathroom, usually modern bathroom mirrorsbecome the choices for many houses placed above bathroom vanities. Their model is amazingly interesting and can make some people want to watch themselves in the mirror. Bathroom mirrors’ fame rises when bathroom vanity with sink is considered for any bathroom, since it has a sink in it but no mirrors, of course people cannot […]

bathroom sinks for small bathrooms

Small Bathroom Sinks at IKEA

Bathroom sinks have two models which are large bathroom sinks and are widely used to bath the baby, and the other ones are small bathroom sinksthat are used for washing purposes. Sinks are your vital point in bathroom if you used shower or bathtub in your bathroom because you definitely cannot wash anything with both of them and will likely make you soaked wet. Also, it is not a bad […]

tips vintage vanities for bathrooms

Vintage Bathrooms and Ideas

The definition of vintage itself is about the best wine that has still produced, and since some or most people love wine, there are many arts that are called vintage to respect those who love wine, things such as paintings, sculptures and even vintage bathrooms. Because the theme is vintage, the environment of your bathroom will almost look like a cellar, but of course your bathroom will not look dark […]